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September 24, 2016

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Article from Cheesehead TV on Packers vs Detroit matchup

Rodgers warming up pregame.

We need to see the old Aaron Rodgers in the game against Detroit. He has set the bar high, and as fans we expect so much from him, sometimes too much. We need to realize he's only human and will make some errors. The true factor to his greatness will be how he maintains his cool, picks himself back up by his cleats and starts driving the offense again. We all know it's in his DNA, lets hope to see it Sunday!

As far as the Green Bay Packers running game, we need to run, run, run. Eddie Lacy is best when you think he's tired. His explosiveness will be needed to create yards for the offense. I'd like to see him run at least one touchdown in, hopefully more. With the combination of Lacy running well, and Jordy getting open down field, the Detroit Lions will have their hands full and it will create opportunities for big plays.

With Green Bay firing on all cylinders, we may come out and surprise all the nay sayers. We are only 2 games into the season so far, so personally, I don't think we need to worry so much, just focus moving forward. Let's get a big win for our season opener at Lambeau Field and head into week for as Purebred Cheeseheads™ with a winning record!



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September 19, 2016

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Rodgers preaches patience with the offense this season.

Rodgers is calming the waters with a suggestion we wait to let the offense warm up this year. Fans want explosive offense EVERY GAME. What do you think?


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September 13, 2016

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September 12, 2016

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Jags are in the books

Did anyone really think we were going to lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars? I mean, we knew we'd have Jordy back, who is Aaron Rodgers main man, and of course everyone knows we have the best QB in the league. I think with the catch by Davonte Adams, everyone can see his ability will add to an already strong roster as long as we can stay healthy. Here's what Cheesehead TV had to say about it....

November 21, 2015

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Packers vs Vikings in Minnesota

The Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Viking Sunday in Minnesota. We have Aaron Rodgers on the injury list and Eddie Lacy is not pulling his weight so far this season, in fact, the Packers decided to jump Starks up one spot to the first string running back position. We need this win badly to remain in the race for the playoffs, but more importantly, to redeem ourselves from a 3 game losing streak and put some positive energy into the team moving forward. Go Pack Go!


Here's a good read on this weeks expectations:


November 11, 2015

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Lacy benched. Starks takes the #1 running back spot

Lacy, the 1st string running back for the Green Bay Packers, has been replaced by James Starks. Some saw the change coming, as Lacy's performance has been unspectacular recently. The Packers need the running game dialed in for their upcoming opponents, especially since Aaron Rodgers has been getting rushed and sacked so much recently. It would be a welcome change to have dependable, strong running Starks picking up yards on plays, so Rodgers can use him as a surefire option when a pass rush unfolds. Check out the video for a story on what went down in Green Bay.


November 03, 2015

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Cell Phone cases

Green Bay Packer themed cell phone cases for iphones and Android phones have been a hot commodity this season. We will soon be offering Purebred Cheesehead™ cellphone cases for several phones. iPhone 4, 4s, 6 and 6+ are at the top of the list. Get one as soon as they arrive if you are looking for a way to shine come game time. Everything we sell is Purebred Cheesehead™ brand, so you'll look your best.